Your chaos behind the scenes is costing you money and peace of mind. Hayden leads entrepreneurs out of chronic overwhelm, mapping out customized strategy, operations and support to increase your profits, creating the space and time to do more of what you do best! Hayden helps entrepreneurs and small business owners operate efficiently and effectively, so you can increase profits and reduce wasted time.

Handled. By Hayden is a unique approach to business development, combining elements of small business consulting, strategy, operations, project management, executive assistant and digital marketing services. Hayden utilizes her Fortune 5 experience, providing strategy and support tailored to your unique needs. Hayden bridges the gap for entrepreneurs between their current state of overwhelm, and their optimal business goals (whether it be with an established business, or one just in the initial conceptual states), she collaboratively maps out the best path forward with realistic timelines and accountability, then with the support of her stellar team of executive assistants, digital marketing and project managers, works on the execution to support her clients actualize their goals.

Hayden takes a holistic approach, acknowledging that life is made up of parts that belong to an interconnected whole. Changing one thing can change everything. Because of this, small changes often have a big effect. When you work with her, she will generate a custom-tailored plan supportive of your unique goals.

There is no one size fits all approach – Hayden personalizes her support for you, generating time in your own life to focus more on what you want. Hayden and her team will support you in alleviating that pressure, coupled with creative and efficient solutions.

You can take a deep breath, relax, and know that everything is being Handled.

Handled. By Hayden is a boutique support firm for your your business and entrepreneurial needs! 

  1. Custom-tailored-consulting
  2. Streamlined planning and operations
  3. Ideal outcomes, chosen by you, executed by us