Hayden understands the needs of discerning clientele better than anyone I know. But she is remarkably down to earth and pragmatic. With Hayden, the more challenging the better. Give her a chance to shine, and then stand back and marvel at the brilliance.

— Chris B., IT Consultant

Along with an intuitive eye for detail, quality and class, Hayden has an innate ability to read and handle any situation. Every time we collaborate, she goes above and beyond my expectations and always leaves me saying, ‘Wow!’

— Claude F., Small Business Owner

I had an opportunity to work on a months-long project with Hayden that involved geographically-diverse teams, construction, various “trade” contractors, and the installation of technology systems.  It was a very high-profile project with a tight timeline, and Hayden was always accessible, always very responsive, and always helpful!  Hayden is a pro that can handle significant pressure with ease!

— Michael D., Vice President

I had the pleasure of working side by side with Hayden in an executive support position at a Fortune 5 company.  She was fantastic from the get-go: lightning fast learner, highly organized, proactive about EVERYTHING, adept at multi-tasking, and the demands were mighty. All projects were completed on or before deadlines, she was super pleasant, respectful, professional, had great tech skills, and most important to me, reliable, accountable, resourceful AND responsive. Any company or professional would be lucky to have Hayden on their team…a definite asset!

— Claire O., Executive Assistant

Hayden is a pleasure to work with.  She is poised, organized, professional and always willing to help in a pinch. I highly recommend her!

— Judy G., Senior Coordinator, Executive Talent

Hayden’s level of professionalism, skill, talent, and engaging personality are memorable. In my many years of working with her, I saw no limit to her capabilities. I’d wholeheartedly rely on her to get anything done, no matter the project, task, or situation, confident that she would do so with an exemplary level of quality and service. If you’re considering engaging her consulting, know that her attention to detail, ability to execute with forethought, her business acumen, positive energy, ability to customize her support to each individual client’s needs and her understanding make her the perfect ‘go-to’ for any circumstance. Hayden just “gets it,” and if you are fortunate enough to work with her, you will see that her drive and personality make her truly unique!

–Hilary H., Director, Strategic Initiatives

I worked closely and collaborated with Hayden for several years. She did an amazing job prioritizing, managing and executing the wide array of challenging, and often very complex projects asked of her. She always went the extra mile, and did so with grace, professionalism and the utmost reliability and discretion. Hayden has a unique capacity for anticipating ones needs and planning for every possible scenario. Working with Hayden was a true pleasure.

— Lindsay C., Executive Assistant

Hayden is a talented, detailed oriented professional with solid organizational skills with deep expertise in client relationship management, event planning and all around problem solving.  Give her the task and expect exceptional results which she will deliver. 

— Susan W., Vice President, Global Real Estate

Hayden is a perfect fit for any business or individual needs that her clients might require. She is thoughtful, creative, organized, and positive. She is a problem solver, and most of all, she is committed. I worked with Hayden several years ago, and I became friends with her not only because of our frequent interactions, but because of her skill and unique abilities within her profession. She is someone I look up to and she really knows how to listen, coach, and mentor people, and that is someone I like being around. She will be a good fit for anything you might need for your business or individual planning needs.

— Chris A., Manager, Flight Scheduling & Dispatch

Hayden has always exemplified a level of professionalism, efficiency, high quality and experience that you rarely find. I had the pleasure of working with Hayden for many years. She could sort through complexities with logic, thoughtfulness and consideration to help us get results that factored in priorities such as cost, capability, logistics, etc.. She was responsive, professional, reliable, focused, and discrete. She protected the information and details of those she supported and worked with, but still was collaborative to help achieve results and define clear plans and next steps. I cannot recommend Hayden enough, because when you know someone is the best, why search or look for anyone else?

— Angie M., Executive Program Manager